My cat is 18.. he might have days left

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Such a hard decision to make. My cat is 18. Still eats and drinks, poops/pee and wants attention.

Blood work shows kidney failure and possibly liver failure-pancreatitis.

Vet says he might have days left. I’m torn on putting him down because he seems to have some quality of life left in him. I don’t want him to suffer though.

He’s on liquid meds for arthritis pain right now. He is 7 lbs and def shows he’s going down hill but I don’t feel like he’s in THAT much pain. I really don’t know what to do.

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Do not put this baby down! He is eating and drinking and going to the bathroom, where there's life there's Hope... Please stop considering such drastic and irreversible action...

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I could never put my baby down unless I knew he was really suffering.

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Kidney failure means dehydration. They cannot drink enough to stay hydrated with kidneys that don’t work. You won’t necessarily see pain, but the cat will feel truly awful. Not a pleasant way to spend the final days on earth. Euthanasia is a gift.

Why let them deteriorate until they *want* to die? One has to feel truly awful to.. want to die. How wonderful to send them on their way when they’re still feeling reasonably well, to spare them the discomforts and pains of getting so close to a natural death!

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He’s in pain even if he’s not showing it . Kinder to put him to sleep with you holding him rather than him maybe pass away in middle of nite alone..

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I've rode both sides of fence, I've had put our Sassy a jack Russell down cause she had cancer, lymph nodes cancer, it swells throat, we took her for treatment for 6 months, she went into remission then cancer came back, she wasn't r didn't seem be in any pain but one day I did what knew I needed do, didn't want her airway constricted thru night if she swelled w us asleep n suffer, had do same w/ GP last year, he was having seizures, outta no where, got him.on meds, seemed be working, 4 months later went into seizure shock, it was awful, had put him down, lost cat 6 months ago n she purred till end, I force fed her for months, watched her deteriorate but cause she still purred n seemed wanna eat n drink I let nature take place, I pet her in her last moments n she passed peacefully w me loving on her....It's hard both ways but IF they suffering putting em down is the moral thing do ...God Bless you n PRAYERS

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In some cases, pets won’t always show when they’re suffering. I had a boxer and he was eating drinking and seemed fine.. took him to the vet and his veins were collapsing and was actually in pain. I know it’s hard, but sometimes the pain is on the inside that we don’t always see. If the vet thinks he has days left I would help him be comfortable and let that pain be at ease. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Sending good vibes and strength your way.

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I'd rather put my well-loved fur baby down too early rather than too late. I know it's a hard decision, but you'll know when it's time.

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If he doesn't enjoy his 3 favorite things to do, that is the time to really think of his quality of life. Animals hide their pain very good, so be watchful of all the little things as well.

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I feel your pain. I am going through a similar situation with my 11-year-old dog. Last week my vet told me that he has Cushing's disease and it's advanced. He said he didn't know how he would be in two weeks. My dog still eats/drinks, goes outside, walks a little, and gets happy to see me but he is panting excessively. I see tears in his eyes and wonder if he is in pain. I'm also torn. This is the most difficult decision I've ever had to make. I don't want him to suffer either. Writing this and my tears are rolling down my face. I've never experienced this in my life. I know the time will come soon and it is causing my heart to ache. People tell me that I will know when to let go. God this hurts so much! I'm with you on this. Hope you will find comfort in the people in this group. Sending hugs.

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It looks like it’s time… sit in appreciation for your boy, all the time you spent together, tell him you love him, be in the moment, don’t pretend this isn’t happening, sadly it is. And pretending won’t help, spend your time with him, give him a great passage to the rainbow bridge. And remember he loves you and always will

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You will know it is time when she chooses to not do something she enjoys because of pain or fatigue of illness. I’ve lived comfortably with stage 4 kidney disease for decades.

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Just remember just because YOU don't think your cat isn't in that pain does mean he isn't. Animals hide pain well. He can be in so much pain....

Edit: I think you should put him down. I don't mean to be harsh but no sane person would think human or animal wouldn't be in a lot of pain going through kidney failure and possibly liver failure-pancreatitis.

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If he's still seeking attention from you, I wouldn't think it's time -- however -- I do believe it's best to let them go before they have pain. If your vet says the time is near, I'd listen. Hugs to you..
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