Is it unhealthy to neuter a dog?

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A friend suggested neutering/castrating my pup is unhealthy and that it would be better to sterilize via vasectomy. Thoughts?

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Vasectomy is more risk with surgery and for future health problems, unless he going to be a show dog a vasectomy isn't worth it, once a pup is over 1 years old and is intact the risk for cancer jumps to 28%, prostate even breastcancer (yes males can get breastcancer they do have breast it amazes me how many people are surprised by this) on top of every other cancer, a pup that was desexed between 6 months to a year chance stays at 0.5% that's a huge difference, infection are higher, sex drive (escaping) will be there, can be more territorial or even more protective over a particular person, amongst alot more behaviour, at the end of the day better to be desexed...

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The tough part is finding a Vet who knows how to 'tie tubes' rather than just take all. Roughly one in four spayed females will suffer incontinence, like my Marley. She came to me as a rescue, and we have had to have her on supplements and meds for 9 years. She was my first spayed female, and it has been a real journey for us. I've always wondered if the incontinence was why she was dumped in a shelter. Will never know.

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Be responsible and neuter. Pet owners have been doing this for decades without issues. In fact they have developed tools and techniques to alter animals as young as 8weeks old. Personally, I feel that good breeders will get this done prior to animal being sent home. After all, why would they risk you breeding their offspring to a random dog? Especially after they do confirmation shows, vets visits prior to breeding and so much more.

If breeder doesn't even mention altering the animal in the contract - be weary of buying from that person. To keep that shows their true intentions... to make money and not about health and long term care of the animal
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