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Done a few things of which I am not proud,
Seen a lot of things that I can't say out loud,
I've hurt people that I shouldn't have hurt,
I've led the enemies into my brother's hut,
To deceive my neighbor, I've lied that hot was cold, and cold was hot,
I have done things that I know I should not,
To every wrong that I have done in the past,
To every ill that happened so fast,
I have realized my mistakes at last,
In the past, let the past be cast,
I am sorry for all my wrongs, what's right I promise to no longer neglect,
I am sorry that I didn't turn out as you would expect,
You know that nobody is perfect,
I am sorry, I am Nobody.

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Okadi, accept that you are one of 8 billion people in this world and there is a copy of you anywhere. You are totally unique and there is not a copy of you anywhere. You have been put here for a reason. Out of all the tadpoles that went swimming up the channel, you emerged. The beauty of life is to establish what those reasons are and fulfill them

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