What did you do to prepare yourself for letting go of your pet?

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My cat is 19, I've had him since I was 10 and he now lives with my husband and I. These past couple years he's noticeably slowed down but still has had lots of energy and has been acting normal. Last week he wasn't eating as much and was having diarrhea.

I took him to the vet and did blood work and they confirmed he has pancreatitis. He is now on meds for pain and diarrhea and was given special gastrointestinal food and renal food as prescribed by the vet.

He is eating a bit now and I'm monitoring him closely to see if there is any improvement. I always knew he wouldn't live forever but now the fact that his time is most likely coming soon is becoming a reality and I'm having a really hard time accepting that.

He is my best friend, he's been with me through everything and we have an extremely special bond that no one could ever understand. The vet didn't mention putting him down, he just prescribed the meds and food to help him...

But I know in my heart the end is near. I've cried every day thinking about losing him.

I know making the decision to send your pet over the rainbow bridge is the hardest part of being a pet owner. I'm just having a hard time coming to terms with that and preparing myself for it. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for letting me vent

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You are going through the process now- you sound like you have his best interest at heart and know how to care for him moving forward. This is it… love love love and let go. He had a great momma for a long time. Prayers as you walk this road.

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I'm preparing myself now, I've made an appointment for Friday to set my pup free. She has degenerative myelopathy and she can no longer walk,go to bathroom On her own and no longer enjoys things she was once able to, I'm learning that they give us so much in the little time they are here, and us being able to let them go with some dignity is very important.

Make the day special give lots of love and stay with them.through the process. My dog was my shadow for just about 12 yrs it's never easy. I think I've cried everyday for the past month and now I'm coming up to the day the anxiety is high , but I know it's best for her and I know I gave her the best life I could... that's what is getting me through. They always let us know💔 and nobody knows your pet better than you..

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I don't know if there's any preparations. My cat lived 23. I just wanted to devise there's a group for cats with pancreatitis and if it's treated aggressively sometimes they recover. He is up there in age and the chances that something else will come along sooner rather than later is probably high. I personally don't like to put them down but I have before. Sometimes I ask the vet to make them comfortable at home like we would do for humans so that they may die naturally but this is quite a controversial topic.

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I worry about this so much, my heart goes out to you, but I truly believe you still may have more time than you think from the way you speak about him, I’m sending so many good vibes your way!!

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You can still have a few more years with him. . My 16 year old cat has pancreatites and diabetes. You just have to keep on top of how's he's feeling. You may have to adjust meds. But most of all. Give him lost of love. Take lots of pictures.

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I don’t have much advice to offer. Just lots of love to give and make sure he is comfortable. My best friend looked into cremation options with keepsakes to help with her grief. It’s sad to think of but nice to keep memories alive. We have our pets collars and lots of pictures to help our family. Bless you!
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