Why is my dog so itchy but has no fleas?

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Someone help my puppy’s belly looks like this and he’s super itchy. I feel horrible what, can I do to help him get relief.

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Apoquel will work, but expensive and dangerous if used long term. II use 1/4 of a .05 Prednisone tab for about 3-4 weeks during late summer then tapper to every other day until late September. Works perfectly. It’s some kind of allergy that I’ve yet to figure out. Tried all kinds of different foods to no avail. What ever it is must be environmental in summer months.

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My Boston gets that from the grass. Only happens in the summer time when the grass is super high. I Bathe her more often and sometimes will cloth her when she goes through the weeds to lessen the skin contact. She's spoiled

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They call it a hotspot. My dog gets it. I use antifungal shampoo on my dog. I let it sit on her for at least 10 minutes before I wash it off.

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Benadryl will help. Google it to check dosage vs your dogs weight. Looks like an allergy. I'd switch laundry detergents and stop using fabric softener too

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If looks like an allergy, I've had dogs allergic to grass of all things and it's looked similar to this 💀
I'd get him to a vet to talk about allergies and potential medication. Usually they say benadryl is fine to give them depending on weight but always good to get vet approval first. They can even give steroid injections for allergies that can last a few months at a time! (My cat before we rehomed her had allergies to fleas and before we got rid of them they gave her the steroid injections)

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How many times can I give benedryl in a day I have a 100 pound German Shepard Our vet said reactin but it only helps for an hour Or so He’s been tested and his food was changed and it helped but the last week Whatever it is is driving him nuts I figure it’s something outside because everything else is the same

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Poor baby! Clearly an allergy. Did he go anywhere new, lay on anything different, did you change laundry detergents, get your carpets cleaned, new food, maybe exposed to grass that was sprayed with chemicals? Could be any number of things but if this reaction is new and he is not a puppy, he was likely exposed to something he cannot tolerate. Wipe with cool water to help the itch. Yes, Benadryl as others suggested and an appointment with vet if it does not clear in 24 hours.
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