Can I use Bravecto Plus on kittens?

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Hi everyone, I have 3 kittens 5-6 months old. They were all recently treated for internal parasites using Profender topical dewormer. (About 2 weeks ago.)

They need to also be treated for fleas and ticks. Is it safe to go ahead and treat them with Bravecto Plus to treat fleas, ticks and internal parasites? I am concerned about overdosing them with the dewormer.

Is there any other topical treatment that is more recommended that will take care of all the treatments cats need?

Thank you!

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Don't use Bravecto. The FDA has found it poses serious risks to pets lives. Same goes for the other highly chemical brands. Look for something more natural.

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As long as it's been 14+ days, it should be fine.
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