Why is my dog still sick after antibiotics?

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Hi - we need some advice that we are currently not getting from our vet. Our black lab had a sore that she constantly was scratching to the point where it needed attention from the vet.

This is not the problem. The problem is the antibiotic prescription the vet gave us, Clavacillin, which has created a situation where our lab is not able to hold down any food, even though we stopped giving her this medicine two days ago. Why is she still throwing up?

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Could be taking a little bit to get out of her system. Maybe messed up her stomach. Have you tried to add brown rice or pumpkin to her food ? Give it a little time.

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Most likely a hot spot cause by a primary issue like allergies.

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Just like humans sometimes dogs need probiotics with antibiotics because the antibiotic destroys the guts good bacteria. Diarrhea is a common side effect for antibiotics. No matter the species.

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For future: Sometimes antibiotics need to be taken with food just like when we are told to take it with food.

As a vet tech I was always told to tell families of pets to give this medication with food to mitigate this issue.

Try giving with food. Let him eat wait a couple of minutes then give it and see if that helps. Insane they didn’t tell you that.

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Try no food for 10 hours then small amounts of white rice every few hours for 24-48 hours:) No cooking around her because it won’t give her tummy a rest if she’s smelling food!
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