How on earth do I stop my dog from creating a Great Lake from drinking water

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I’m about to move with older wooden floord and do not want to be responsible for anything since I’m renting.

I mean it practically is a lake when he’s finished! I have mats we put down, I’ve tried the shoe mats that have a little depth to them.  I feel like it’s just destined to be a mess every time he drinks water.

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We put the water bowl outside because my lab quite literally will attempt to swim in the bowl as he drinks.

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Dogs can't help it because of how their mouths are made. Try a raised bowl in the bathroom or with lots of water proof protection for those antique floors.

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Buy a small hard plastic childs swimming pool and set his water bowl in the center of it. You can just pour the Xtra water into the tub or toilet..

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My dogs dont have water bowls inside, they have a kiddy pool out side & if we leave for the day i will either put the bowls in the tub with water or do the slowest drip setting i can. My son will dump bowls as fast as i make them.

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My dog has a table that the bowls fit into and it’s all stood on a plastic tray with a lip around the edge. I think the tray is actually meant for dirty shoes. The water goes all over the table and tray, but not the floor
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We have the same issue, nothing has worked. Our dog drinks and then walks away dripping water literally everywhere for a good 20 feet. He’s done it since he was a puppy. Our only solution was to stand there as he’s drinking and wipe it up after he’s done so he doesn’t ruin the floors.

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I have 8 dogs and they all get water when they go out in the yard. My husband is a fall risk. No way to have water inside. On really hot days, I'll crate them inside with water so they are calm and not so hot
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