What age can you test a dog for allergies?

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Has anyone ever done allergy testing and treatment? If so what was treatment like? How well did it work?

Our sweet pup has allergies and keeps getting yeasty ear infections (which has caused a hate of the vet sadly), on top of his poultry allergy.

Our vet said when he turns 2yo (Nov) they can do testing and treatment, which will be a series of shots we give him. It'll be quite expensive from what they said, but given how young he is, the option to clear up his allergies young & not have constant infections sounds fantastic!

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I did allergy testing via blood draw and my dog turned out to be allergic to like, everything. The allergy shots were too expensive so I didn’t go through with it. I just go with human allergy meds with dosage prescribed by my vet. You can also go with apoquel too, which is dog allergy meds.

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It depends on the company doing the testing. Ideally, intradermal testing at a dermatologist is the gold standard. However, there are some blood tests that have good results with injection formulations or even oral drops. Do NOT use saliva testing...it is highly inaccurate and has been easily proven to be able to be fooled.

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I did allergy testing for my dog with a doggie dermatologist (they are specialists that deal with allergies). Unfortunately, she came back with severe allergies, including 40 strong ones and one rare one to a carbohydrate that is pretty much in everything. The vet said allergy shots do not work well in cases like hers and suggested medication instead.

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Our boxer had yeast issues (our current one has issues, but not yeast)... we tried switching food. Didn't help. Finally added dinovite, and it worked wonders. We also used the vet recommended miconahex+triz shampoo/spray/wipes. It wasn't until we tried dinovite that things completely turned around and no more yeast/stinky frito smell and sores that were present for 2 years went away. His coat became shiny & the shedding was greatly reduced. Something to consider.
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