Why will my dog eat off the floor but not his bowl?

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Just recently got this baby raptor. He won't really eat his food out of a bowl but will definitely devour his food if you just put it on the ground

Anyone have any advice on how to fix that habit?


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Is the bowl small? I know cats get whisker fatigue. I don't know if dogs do but apparently sometimes a small bowl and their whiskers hitting against it bothers them. A wide somewhat bowl is better for this. It could also be that it's sliding around in the bowl and on the floor, if it's carpet or something it will stay put. However most pet places have this little dainty bowls for small dog breeds and cats which aren't preferred

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Honestly, it's good for their mental health to scatter food around the floor compared to using a bowl. It'll actually tire the pup out similar to playing, 15 minutes of mental stimulation equates to about an hour of running.

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My 11 pound chi-shiva mix eats off the floor too so now I just use her own human dinner plate

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Does she have a collar with a tag on it because of so it could be that when she tries to eat out of the bowl the tag might bother her if it hits the bowl or snags on it

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Put food in a bowl. Set bowl out for 10 minutes and take the bowl away regardless of its done. Dogs are pack animals and it might seem mean but you gotta set all the rules otherwise it does cause them anxiety.

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Try a different kind of bowl or a plate.
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