I adopted a kitten.. now what?

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I adopted a kitten (2 months) from an event at the humane society yesterday. It’s been about 12 hours since we have gotten home and she has yet to go potty from what I can tell.

Over night I kept her in my bathroom with food/water and a litter box. I don’t see any poo anywhere and or any wet spots neither in the bathroom or litter box. When should I be concerned? It looks like she may have eaten a tiny bit of food but I’m not sure about the water.

Thanks in advance.

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My kitten didn't potty for about 3 days. I just refreshed her water n food & let her relax. The move seemed stressful . Once she was comfortable it all changed. Make sure u keep her litter fresh cause she may not know it for the potty.

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Everything is new and she is scared. Best thing to do is leave her alone for the first day, then hold her, once she's not afraid she'll open up but she's just a baby right now. I wouldn't give her to much roaming space until she is a little bit more comfortable when you call her. The little ones can get into more trouble than you imagine. She'll eat and use bathroom when ready. If they spayed her, which probably did, she's sore plus went without food before surgery.

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She may just be stressed with the move. I would give her today to continue to monitor her. MAKE SURE SHE'S GETTING FLUIDS. If you can reach the shelter today I would give them a call. I volunteer at a shelter and my experience has been the opposite for the most part however it's not unheard of for them to take time to settle in and get on a eating schedule.

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stress can make them not go potty.. its normal from my experience.. just give the kitten a couple of days then if not gone potty I'd ask vet.. Also they might not want to eat much either when you bring them home , same reason, stress xx
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