Why is my dog limping and licking her paw?

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My pup started limping two days ago and licking the bottom of his paw. Clearly something is wrong or hurt but I can’t see anything. Touching and squeezing doesn’t illicit any response but he’s had a broken leg before (years ago) and didn’t react to pain then either.

He’ll still run and jump when he’s excited but it’s clearly bothering him.

Is there any way I can try and self diagnose a bit to determine if it’s something we should wait out or if we need to go to the vet? Eating and drinking fine, same disposition.

Just an irritated paw.

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Could be arthritis from the previous injury or a foreign body in the paw. Best thing is to see a vet

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Do his claws all seem OK? My dog cracked a claw once and made out like she broke her leg.. mines a drama queen but I’m guessing it can cause some discomfort.
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