What can you do if your dog has elbow dysplasia?

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I have a 8 year old husky that has elbow dysplasia was due to the hoarding case we rescued her from but vet prescribed pain medication and we was curious is there anything else we can do to help because vet said the pain medication can also hurt her liver.

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One of mine has elbow dysplasia. Imo the most important thing you can do is keep your dog at a lean, healthy weight. Every unnecessary pound they have to carry is more stress on their elbow joints (more pain).

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At her age and size pain killers are likely going to be a part of her treatment plan for the rest of her life. My lab has elbow dysplasia which has caused osteoarthritis. We tried many medications but the one that’s working is librela (she gets an injection a month). Other things you can do include keeping her lean to limit the pressure on her joints and supplements in her diet (like omega 3&6 or glucosamine). You can also try things like hydrotherapy or acupuncture if you think your dog is up to it, mine wasn’t a fan but I’ve heard great things about them

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If you can find someone that makes braces you can get some elbow braces. Dasequin is a very good joint formula or 4Cyte. Also offer high omegas. I would get some pain meds on board like Gabapentin. It’s quite safe and good for joint pain. As far as the anti-inflammatory which is probably what she is on you can slowly reduce it and keep it at a low daily dose. If you know a holistic vet, you can try Traumacare which comes in a liquid and pill form and vet approved. It doesn’t have the side effects metacam etc has. I have used it for my guys for years.

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Look for a canine Rehabilitation Veterinarian/center. They can be really helpful when dealing with these conditions and can incorporate meds, supplements and multiple rehab therapies. By any chance, If you're in the Dallas, Los Angeles or Seattle areas, let me know - I can let you know where we went.

Also if the medicine you give is going to impact liver negatively, make sure you are doing regular blood works to monitor and also give denamarin

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What medication did they prescribe? Galliprant is better for long term use as it's easier on the liver/kidneys.

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My pup had some elbow dysplasia for a year or so but it’s been in remission somehow for the last 2 years thankfully but my vet had me put her on cosequin tablets and I had a few different pain meds from tramadol to aspirin to gabapentin and another one I can’t remember but with her losing about 12 pounds and walking every day it’s gone away for now. She’s a few years younger. Just my experience
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