How long does it take for a dog to recover from being sick?

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Has anyone had experience with your dog getting sick (in this case vomiting, diarrhea, and hives; obviously ate something unknown at some unknown time) and if so, how long did it take for them to recover, was there relapsing?

I have a 10 month old Jack mix. Monday night, she wouldn't sleep a wink. Come 6am Tuesday morning, she was violently vomiting and couldn't control her bowels. I took her to the emergency vet 30 minutes away where they were little help. When I got back home, she was covered in hives. Luckily a local vet was about to open and had walk-ins.

She was given several injections and I was sent home with a couple medications for 3 days and a probiotic.

She hasn't been herself really since this began.

We are now at Friday and she had me up all night again wanting to poop. Diarrhea again and soft poop.

She is still eating and drinking, but seems so down and out. She's always so playful and bubbly

I'm wondering if I should just give her more time to recover or if she should be heading back to the vet. Our Tuesday afternoon visit wasn't cheap obviously.

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Is it an assumption that she ate something? Other things can present with issues, like vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea. Blood work may be something to consider. "Eating" something (not talking toys/etc.) should not have a recurrence. Having said all that, hives don't point to a blockage. What are the possibilities that she ate? Did she get into garbage? Was she unsupervised at a point in the yard?

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Did they do an ultrasound or xrays to see if she has a blockage? She is young so it doesn't seem like pancreatitis, but I would be concerned too. Did they suggest a chicken and rice diet for a couple days. She is adorable, hope she is OK.

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Did your vet recommend a 24 fast followed by a bland diet of boiled white rice and chicken breast until you see a normal poop? Because if they didn’t, try that.

The fact that she has hives makes me thing she’s either picked up a bug or eaten something she’s allergic to, a blockage sounds unlikely in this instance.

Be aware that antibiotics, even the ones they prescribe for GI upset, can cause diarrhoea in some dogs. So this could also be a reaction to the meds the vet prescribed

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My puppy ate one of my son’s pizza rolls and was feeling the same way. I tried a lot of things, but what ended up working was a 24 hour fast. Then when we fed her again, we mixed in some rice water

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Try Benadryl sounds like she is getting a reaction to something g new in the house yard or on walks.
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