Why is my old dog pacing around the house at night?

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Hi, My 13 and half year old collie has started pacing at nighttime. Hell spend 2-3 hours walking round in circles in my bedroom.

I’ve tried several things to help calm him down like wearing his thunder coat and also I’ve given him the dog version of rescue remedy but nothing works. I’m getting out of bed several times to try and help him settle but he just gets up and starts pacing again when I’m

Back in bed. I know he’s an old dog but just wondered if anyone had any tips or experienced something similar.

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I have (had) a house full of seniors and so far we've experienced it with two of them. Talk with your vet about meds. There's always a chance this is being caused by pain, but there's also segeline which may help relieve dementia symptoms.

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I'd speak with your vet as this is a common symptom of Cognitive Dysfunction (doggie Alzheimers in a way) where they get their sleep and wake cycles confused. They sleep all day, thinking it's night time and are up all night, thinking it's day. There are some natural things, like melatonin, that can work for some, although we usually end up using some sort of mild sedation as it progresses. Another great option is a food change, Purina Bright Minds is specifically formulated to combat this issue and we've seen a lot of success although a few dogs do need the prescription version.

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My guess would be it's a form of "sun downing" like alzheimers patients have. I noticed it decreased a little with my old lady when the vet put her on gabapentin for pain.
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My older Weimaraner girl used to do this as she got older, it broke my heart....I believe it is a form of dementia that they get. Speak to your vet, there is medication you can give them in the evening.
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