My cat is not using her litter box

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This is embarrassing but I need help and advice

My cat chichi will absolutely not use her litter box I’ve bought all kinds of litter for her from expensive to cheap pallets idk what to do anymore she refuses to use it but loves pooping in my tub which then I have to clean 10 thousand times a day.

What could be the issue ? IS a trip to the vet necessary.

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I loved it when my cat used the bath tub. So easy to clean and no tracked litter

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I wonder if she doesn’t like the instability of litter when doing #2. Does she use the litter box for peeing? If so, maybe try putting empty litter boxes in the bath tub. It would be easier to clean

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Some cats don't like the feeling of litter under their paws, others have difficulty getting in and out of the litter box.... You can try a kennel tray with puppy pads to see if that helps. For one, there is no climbing in and out, 2 no sensation of litter underfoot... and the kennel tray will help if anything seeps through

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I would check with the vet if it’s been going in for a while. Rule out anything medical, then focus on behaviour.

I had a lot of litter issues with my cat who I took in from my street after feeding him for a few months. (No chip, not fixed. I tried to find the owner).

This sounds weird, but I got my sister to bring over litter right out of her cat’s litter box and mixed it with my cat’s litter to try to get him to mark his territory and it seemed to help. He was never perfect as he had many health issues from being a street cat, but it seemed to help.

I also tried 4 types of litter in 4 boxes at the same time to see where he would go.

Dr. Elsie’s cat attract litter worked but the best one for him was Nature’s Miracle litter.

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Has she always refused to use a litter box? How long have you had her for and about how old is she?

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It could be a lot of things. Cat should only poop about once a day unless they're kittens. Sometimes they go twice a day. I'm sure you were exaggerating but just wanted to make sure.

I would take to the vet because a lot of times these issues can be indicative of something else going on. I don't know how old your cat is but my cat stopped using the litter box when he was constipated. He was still going but apparently not enough and it ended up being a pretty serious emergency. He needed seven to nine enemas.

Most vets will not do this many and will just want to clear them out by putting them under. My vet said she lost count because she did so many. And a lot of enemas can cause problems. The colon can get stretched out for not eliminating everything. I didn't realize it was a problem since I still saw something coming out. So be sure the poop looks nice and soft and has some length to it. If you do think this is the issue, you can try adding a water fountain or something to encourage drinking. You can try adding wet food and making it soupy by adding water.

This is all assuming constipation is the reason. It could also be stress especially if a new animal or person has been added to the household. Do you have more than one litter box? The rule is a litter box for each cat plus one. So two boxes for one cat, three boxes for two cats Etc. Are you cleaning it at least daily? If you really want to be diligent you can clean it twice a day but once a day is the minimum. Do you think there's any problems with joints? Sometimes cats have joint pain and while they will use the litter box for pee, they opt to poop outside.

In that case you can always get joint supplements but also people sometimes use those puppy pads or pee pads. Since he obviously doesn't worry about covering it if he's going in the bathtub you could also set down something pretty flat with maybe a small lip around the edge like a boot tray or something like a cookie sheet.

I don't think he would like metal so I'm just using that as a reference of what something would look like. You could put one down with a puppy pad and another down with just a little bit of litter and see if that helps. If he goes to the pad maybe he really doesn't like the litter. Two boxes are also good because sometimes cats like to pee in one and poop in a different one. Make sure the litter boxes aren't near food bowls or water bowls. Some people recommend feliway for stress reduction and calming but I think it's a useless product. It's never helped any of my cats and I have a lot. Other people report sometimes their cat pooping outside the box when there are things like kidney disease or thyroid disease. Usually in those cases the cat used to poop in the box and has stopped. Good luck and let us know what you find out or what works.
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