How long does it take for a dog to adjust to a new owner?

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Hey y’all, I just adopted a dog who has really bad anxiety and I was wondering what I can do to help calm her down while I’m waiting to get her into the vet?

How long does it take for a dog to adjust to a new owner?

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It took mine a year to come around and for a few weeks to even eat! Cbd did not work for him either. Just let the pup come around on its own. Just like us when we’re anxious we don’t want anyone all up on our faces and much rather space

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When you say you’ve just adopted her, how long have you had her? Because it can take rescues a long while to feel comfortable in a new environment.

I would try making her a safe den, if you have a crate for her make it comfy with her bed and blankets etc and use a large blanket or sheet to put over it to it’s dark and cosy in there. Leave the crate door open though. If you don’t have a crate a smallish table works pretty well too.

Pheromone plug ins such as Adaptil can help too. It’s really hard but you kinda have to ignore them a little bit until they find their feet, too much fussing over them can worry them more. So unless she’s looking for your reassurance, try not to fuss over her too much

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CBD gummies. Allow for a decompression period - typically 3 weeks, offer a crate as a safe spot (similar to a child going to their room). Let her do things on her own terms, she’s in a new unfamiliar place with strange pekple
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