Why does my cat keeps shaking his head?

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My cat sleeps with my husband and me. In the middle of the night, he started making the noises cats make before throwing up. As I have done before, I toss him in the master bathroom which is right next to the bed so he can throw up on the linoleum. This time was different. He hit his head on the door frame.

I feel absolutely terrible.

He ran out the bedroom door (which is usually his response) and throw up on the carpet in the living room. I followed him out there to check on him. He normally would run away from me (I'm assuming he knows I get mad when he throws up on the carpet), but this time he came right to me. This was odd to me. I don't think he hit his head real hard but I looked up head trauma symptoms on the web anyway.

He doesn't seem to be showing any signs. I stayed up with him the rest of the night (3.5 hours at the time I'm writing this) and he still seems to be OK. The only thing I've noticed is he keeps shaking his head. He is walking fine. He groomed himself. His breathing seems OK however I've never really paid attention to how fast or slow cats breathe. His pupils are the same size. He let's me touch his head. He will still purr. Is he OK?

It is Sunday and I live in a small community with no vet ER nearby, but I love my cat and would never forgive myself if I didn't help him if he needed it. Does anyone have any experience with dealing with cat head trauma? Am I overreacting?

I can assure you I'll never do that again. I've already decided to keep a bucket near my bed so I can use it on him like a would a toddler needing to throw up.

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I'm sure he's fine... cats are amazingly resilient. You did nothing wrong.

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I’m sure he’s fine. I’d still send him to the bathroom to barf. Probably has a headache. If he starts throwing up again and it’s not from eating and taking a big drink or a hairball, I’d take him in. As long as he’s eating drinking pooping and peeing OK he should be fine. I’ve had many cats in my 46 years and they are pretty damn tough.

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Instead of throwing him to the bathroom, maybe buy a washable rug or something that you can get him to next time. I don’t have carpet, so I just get my off the bed. If he’s still shaking his head tomorrow, I’d take him to the vet, just to be safe.

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I think your kitty will be fine, my mum has a very playful kitten who is always running into things head first and it never phases him, and try not to feel bad we have all had kitty accidents, my partner stood on the cats foot a few weeks back, he was getting into bed and didn’t realise she was under the bed with her foot stuck out, of course we felt super guilty and she got cuddles and treats but accidents happen, I would be more concerned about the actual reason kitty is being sick and book them in to see your vet when you have the opportunity
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