Has anyone had success in purchasing decent couch covers?

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I nearly keel over anytime a child heads in the direction of these lounges.

I've Googled but alot appear to be garbage.

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4 kids, 2 dogs, We have throws on the couches only get taken off if the Queen comes over :lol:


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And I just use blankets close to the lounge colour but they have to be long enough so you can tuck them in

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We’ve just bought a creamy white fabric lounge and have a toddler and baby. I’ve also bought IKEA blankets that will completely cover the lounge. I hope I don’t regret the decision to go white and fabric. Doesn’t get dumber than this, but I’ve always wanted a white/cream lounge.

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I think the tricky thing is if you haven’t purchased a couch that comes with interchangeable covers then you may need to get them custom made which can be more expensive than a new couch which comes with covers like IKEA or as the others have suggested!

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You can get a spray on scotch guard type thing. If you’re that worried I’d suggest doing that or have a throw over it.

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Look up shapememory on Etsy they have some nice ones... I purchased one from there last week and should be arriving in the next few days

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I brought the blankets from kmart for $18 put them on when the kids come in lol im going to Scotchgard the lounge also

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