Does anyone have any organization tips for toothbrushes?

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I HATE the cords for the electric toothbrushes! I want something more functional/aesthetic for spare brush heads. The cups get full of gross water and the tooletries grey holder has gone mouldy behind the kids bamboo brushes. It’s all cleaned regularly but I would love to have something easier/prettier.


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Put them in a cupboard. They are toothbrushes.

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Get a cutlery tray and put your toothpaste and brushes and bits in the tray in the top draw. Keep the countertop nice with hand soap, lotion, a tray with flowers, a candle and metal or rattan tissue box.

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I keep mine in my eye level cabinet … for anyone about to build it’s a great idea to include power points in there to keep them out of sight !

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I keep my chargers in the drawer. I charge my toothbrush once per week and then put the chargers away and keep only the toothbrush on the bench

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Just an fyi... If your toilet is open when you flush it, particles can fly up to 20 ft away and land on your toothbrushes. I would recommend covers for them.

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We have this charging station where chargers are hidden and ready to charge toothbrushes when needed


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In a drawer. Chargers come out every week or two overnight to charge the toothbrushes, then back in the drawer. The drawer has plastic divider/organizer bins from IKEA to separate makeup, toothbrushes, combs/brushes, etc. I don’t like anything cluttering the counters so the only thing out on any of the bathroom counters is a soap dispenser.

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I find mine only need charging once a week so can the chargers go away? Can you put a power point in a shaving cupboard and them all in there?

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