Sofa bed recommendations?

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Looking for a simple style sofa that can be made into a comfortable double bed for family stay overs at Christmas.

The sofa will be going into a small activity room or study with sliding doors which can be closed as a bedroom or opened onto the kitchenette area.

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Murphy beds are pretty great! We have one & big space saver

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bought one from Ecosa - comfy as a lounge and the sofa bed is quite good too. better than any spring metal ones etc. as long as your guests can get to ground level etc

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Make sure you test it out first in the shop or you may get removed from the will!

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I’ve been looking for about six months and having trouble finding anything suitable. We are leaning towards getting a good quality air bed that we just use when needed (but also have nobodies where to find one of those!).

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We’ve started using a swag for overnight stays, so much easier than having something take up room all year round! And means I get my big dressing room to myself

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