What about malaria tablets and medication Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand?

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In terms of malaria tablets and medication, are there any places in particular that you guys think this would be necessary when travelling around Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand ?

Is it a big problem for tourists in this part of the world or should I not worry?

Thanks I’m advance !!

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It depends on where exactly you are (is are you in an area where malaria is endemic), what sort of conditions you're living in (ie urban or rural, hotel or homestay, near lots of stagnant water sources etc) and how long you're there. Malaria tablets are generally not recommended for extended use.

In many parts of SE Asia, including major cities, dengue is also endemic (and can be extremely serious), and the only protection against that is to avoid being bitten.

In short, regardless of what you do with malaria, make sure you wear long sleeves or repellent.

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Google Malaria Map and that will show you the areas where there is risk.
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