Is it safe to travel as a female solo?

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Trying to plan where to solo travel in November and wondering whether any one can help me…
  1. Is it safe to travel as a female solo?
  2. Would I be better off going to Ecuador/Colombia and staying north of South America or heading south to southern Patagonia? I am interested in hiking and the key features of both places so really it’s about where is safer and where the weather is more likely to be better for me!
Thank you..

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Argentina and Chile felt safer than Colombia when we were there 3-9 months ago.

If you love walking, Patagonia is the place to go. Chile has Torres del Paine where as Argentina has Fitz Roy.

El Chaltan is a walker’s dream, isolated village with no phone signal or mobile data but stunningly beautiful. Just make sure you use Western Union to exchange money in Argentina to get the best exchange rate and make Argentina super cheap

We’ve been back South America for 3 months now and already dreaming of going back for more! Absolutely stunning continent!

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I’ll also be heading off to do a solo trip in November! From what I’ve heard from many friends from South America and some who’ve toured from overseas, the southern areas are a little safer for solo travellers. Uruguay, Chile and Argentina, have all been recommended to me as slightly safer and more tourist friendly

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Having traveled extensively to both Colombia and Chile I would say chile is safer than Colombia for a women traveling alone, especially if you want to hike. And hike alone. Nov is a great time to do Patagonia. Start making reservations for torres del Paine now if your thinking about going.

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Follow general safety precaucions, do not walk alone after the sunset mainly in big cities, watch your pockets and cellphone in public transport etc. and you will be OK, you can always double check with locals what is safe, recommended etc.

Cordillera mountains go from north in Colombia up to the south of Patagonia, so it is up to your preferences, all is beauty. In terms of weather just google when and where is dry and rainy season. We hiked a week in rainy season in Colombian mountains, it was muddy (as any other months during the year), but there were showers and storms during few afternoons.
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