Heading to Rio de Janeiro in October

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Only have a one way flight as was hoping to cross by land into Argentina or Uruguay and work my way up north and then buy a one way ticket to Australia.

Am I likely to be asked for proof of onward travel when I arrive and what are people's advice around this? I've heard there are a few websites but was wondering if anyone has any advice. Cheers

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I would not recommend one of those onward tickets, if the person checks it closely they'll see the reservation is held but not ticketed, I almost lost a flight because of this and had to buy a real ticket

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You will be asked before you depart TO Brazil. The airline is liable for costs to send you back if you aren't allowed entry into the country, so the airline will check this. You can buy a legit onward ticket for this purpose for $14 here, validfor 14 days max only so buy it closer to the time of your departure.
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