How do you make a couple budget?

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Hi, please, can someone help me with rough budget for my husband and myself to travel around Thailand, laos, Vietnam, Cambodia then back in to Thailand we are hoping to travel around 4 months.

We are on a tight budget but want to be realistic at the same time.

We are happy to use hostels, homestays and eat street food , use the bus to get to places.

 This budget doesn't include flights over to Thailand as we have them sorted . Are we in dream land if we think we could do this on a £5000 budget for both of us..

Many thanks

Post by Louis »

If you don't drink, don't have expensive tours every day, don't get footpanda deliveries every day, absolutely doable. Not sure what your take is on hostels though. As a couple I wouldn't want to stay in a hostel but there are lots of cheap hotels. If you are staying longer in one place and you book through bookingDOTcom or Agoda, only book one night and then ask on site to extend for more but cheaper as they would be saving the commission to the corresponding booking website anyway.

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Totally doable with 2 of you. Stick to buses for transport. We found hostels were more expensive for 2 people - there are cheap guesthouses everywhere. And probably limit the alcohol spend!

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We managed to do a month in each of those places on £1000 between 2 of us, it is doable and we didn’t feel like it was super budget for us either, we found alcohol to be a big spend so spent that money on other things which meant we managed to do so much more with the same budget!

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My wife and I are out here now, we came with a budget of £60 a day (for the 2 of us) this was based on research online, I will be honest we have struggled some days to stick to that. We don’t drink alcohol, we’ve stayed in budget hotels and travelled on buses. We don’t feel that we’ve missed out on anything but we’re happy walking and spending time are the beach 😊We wondered if some of the budget recommendations were based on pre covid prices. I hope this helps
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