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WHAT MONTH SHOULD I START TRAVELING? should I avoid ‘wet season’ ?

Hi everyone! I finish uni next year and my dream has always been to travel once I’m finished. ( around July 2023)

- My first problem is what month do I start?!

-What month is the best time to start my travels in Thailand round SE Asia?

I read it’s ‘wet season June-October’ and dry season is ‘November- Feb’ so this has confused me ( I hate rain).

I finish uni and would be ready to leave around August / September but if this is wet season what do you suggest? Would November - January be good?

I heard starting in May Is good but I don’t want to have to wait for 2024!

Thank you all

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Each country and each area of those countries often have different wet seasons. East Coast of Thailand (Samui, Phangan and Tao) are good in August and September

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Deff go between November to April around SEA. We’ve been travelling since April and have had a large amount of rain (but we expected it)

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I wouldn’t stress too much about the weather! We went to five SEA countries over July (noted as their monsoon and hot seasons) and we made the most of all opportunities still.

Have a general look, but even if it rains you can still do most of the activities. The heat is more important to look than rain in my opinion!
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