Is it safe to take the night buses or better to take the train from Northern to Southern Vietnam?

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Traveling from Northern to Southern Vietnam, is it safe to take the night buses or better to take the train? Planning on doing a lot of stops in between and just curious what people have found to be the best mode of transportation!

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Train beats bus every time. A proper bed to lay in instead of a reclined chair. Sleeping on busses to me is a guarantee of a tweaked neck and a restless night, struggling to get comfortable. If there's no other option, sure. But between the 2, train any day of the week.

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Buses are super safe. If you also think about using trains as experience, use it from Hue to Da Nang. The train route is this green colored route on the map over Hai Van mountain and it's great ocean scenery along the way.

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Same same, night train you can get a private 4 berth booth, best to grab a few friends elsewise they will dorm you with a stranger. On a bus, well you're with 60 other strangers, pretty safe though
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