Hiking boots? Or are regular sneakers enough?

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Will be doing Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam. No set itinerary but I enjoy hiking.

Post by Gemma »

I choose trail running shoes in the end - great compromise, I even trekked to Everest base camp in them!

Post by Roelant »

Hiking boots definitely, if only to protect against leeches.

Post by Alexandra »

I am happy to have my hiking boots with me… but of course it depends if you plan to do a „real“ hike in the jungle, it can be super steep and I was very happy to do it in real hiking boots…

Post by Mustafa »

It depends on the hiking trail, is it rocky? Is it slippery? I have hiking using normal sneaker many times but the terrain was easy

Post by Cheryl »

I ended up getting some trail shoes as many hikes will involve walking through/over rivers so you need something sturdy that will dry quickly! My normal trainers wore out quick. Crocs or plastic type sandals would be good for some very wet walks (Khao sok national park) when your literally wading through mud and water but not good where there's leeches

Post by Ana »

Monzon season treks are HELL with sandals since leaches...any other moment there i love keen rose (treeking sandals) but is friking disgusting to take of leaches from between your toes every 5 friking minutes...
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