Is roofing a saturated niche for SEO services?

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Hi all, Is roofing a saturated niche for SEO services?

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Save yourself time and never ask that question again. Once you learn to sell yourself/service the niche doesn’t matter. You eventually learn competition is a good thing it usually indicates a healthy niche that’s producing revenue for your competitors. So you craft a better offer, sell it better, enjoy making bank. Niche „saturation“ does not matter period. Do the research, pitch to appropriate clients who can afford the price you want to charge, craft a no brainer offer, and learn to close the sale. It takes practice. Cold email, cold call does not matter both work very well. Pick a lane stick to it.

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Not so. With the kind of demand for housing, exploding population, and the severe weather patterns we are experiencing, i think it is a 'necessity niche'. There is always a market for different roofing services and solutions, man. Try it if you feel that is your 'space' in digital marketing.

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I don't believe in saturation, are there a lot of roofers, yes. It may take you longer to rank considering competition is high but once you rank leads just flow in like crazy. I have 2 roofers and they are my best clients.

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Somehow you can say it is saturated niche. But Profit margin on per lead does matter.

It is also not easy to rank in some areas and also it is seasonal, so it is must to choose right area before starting project.

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It depends on the area really with this. Got a couple of roofing clients. In my city, I've outranked most in search for every keyphrase. But the city is big, they don't force reviews, they aren't very active with me so I'm finding a struggle doing a decent job on maps over a wider area. We're talking a 15 mile radius, they're good in 1-3 miles. Beyond that is a town centre and 100s of other companies so that maps is a struggle

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I mean there would definitely be a... ceiling to your success. Okay, I'll see myself out now
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