My common complaint: there are not enough organic leads

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My SEO efforts usually show good traffic progress on GA. However, a common complaint I usually get from clients is that there are not enough organic leads.

My personal opinion is that Organic traffic usually increases opportunities. But how do I tackle the issue? Am I not doing something right?

I only handle organic content and have not worked on paid ads.

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If you’re ranking commercial keywords then you should focus on conversion rate optimization and your call to actions.

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As Mike Friedman said, find the keywords that people are actually searching for with higher intent to buy.

Too many SEO companies focus on stats like traffic, DR, # of backlinks, etc. when the client only cares about qualified leads and making $$.

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You could be spending too much time and effort going after easy keywords instead of the keywords that will bring in leads / sales to their business. Clients don’t care about traffic, nor should they.

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What happens after the traffic hits the website? Are they bouncing? Are they clicking on a CTA button? How long are they spending on the site. Getting traffic to a website is not the end goal for most business owners, it is seeing more leads. If you’re getting traffic but not getting leads either you’re getting the wrong traffic or the website is not optimized for conversions (ie bad user experience, bad UI, difficult to find info, etc).
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