How to remove a bad review from a Google My Business profile?

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Is it possible to remove a bad review from a Google My Business profile?

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If you report on the back-end and flag on the front-end within 24hrs of the review being left with 2 or 3 accounts, then you have a much better chance of it being removed.

Adding words like 'spam' in the reply if it is genuine spam before flagging helps too sometimes and flagging on mobile devices with 2 or 3 different accounts close to the proximity of the GMB/GBP location seems to help too but I've found that reporting in the first 24hrs is a very important factor in having a better chance of them being removed.

There are some reported darker more aggressive methods of removing them that I've seen reported in the media about business owners removing them by adding certain trigger words in review responses but not something I'd do as this method seems very unethical and probably litigious, so wouldn't know if that method works anymore.

If you can't get it removed, try to drown it out with real reviews and give a transparent reply.

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The best is still to reply. You can't change anything about that bad review, but you definitely can demonstrate to other customers how you handle a bad situation with a proper response.

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In my experience its possible but its very very difficult. If there is anything illegal in it, yes they have procedures to do it.

If there isn't, then they don't like to at all. I've had customers "settle" negative reviews in their own way and the reviewer takes it down. I've also had customers who respond (you should always respond, and without sarcasm) and others who just get a ton more reviews. It is possible to go back to 5* again and leave the negative review there

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It depends. Is it a bogus review from a disgruntled employee? I’ve gotten those removed. Or from a customer who never used the business? Or is it from a legit customer but you just don’t agree with it?
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