Why should I focus on SEO?

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Had a question today from potential client that "caught me off guard a bit" and I did not know how to answer.

He asked me "If I have GMB already set up and google is recognizing me as one of the top businesses in the area in my niche, why should I focus on SEO when I am already getting calls and clients just by having my business registered on Google".

Heads up - No, this is not the same client that I asked about yesterday.

Please, help with the most accurate answer on this concern.

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Is definitely not the business that needed the help.

But to counter: When a new player takes his spot and the calls are dropping, who you gonna call?:)

On a serious note: competition could already start working with their SEO and is on their way to take your spot. only probem is if you’re able to prove it.

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Its a valid point but the answer is also simple. Risk Management and business continuity.
RJ ~

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Because GMB/GBP only shows up when the search has the intent to buy. They miss out on all the search before hand. Unless it is an emergency service, there is a buyer journey. Also, GMB only gets 20-25% of the click of the SERP. Ads get another 5-15%, the rest is left to the 10 blue links.

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Leave, when he sees a decline in calls due to competitor efforts he’ll be calling you back. Some people can’t see the value in something until it affects them negatively

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If the client has no motivation or ambition to grow and feels he has reached his peak already then walk away.

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Simple "sustainability" just because he shows up now doesn't mean he will tomorrow. Not only is there growth opportunities such as more keywords but look at it like insurance.

If a competitor decides to open up shop right now he's vulnerable because they could put a lot of effort into SEO. By continuing with SEO it will make it harder for someone else to take over.

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A local business should be looking at improving the odds of more calls. Gmb, organic, social media and citations appearing and occupying slots to push their competitors further down. Should also be focusing on week spots and opportunities to expand the location where the business ranks well on the grid.

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Then local SEO isnt his pain point....maybe conversion of the landing pages is...or authority in his or her field or the funnel from call to qualifying. You can't convince somebody they have a problem unless a client says here's my problem...you could also show maybe he's only getting calls from a small radius and he can expand to other service areas. He also can be under this new google guaranteed so ask questions and look at his metrics and competition...not every client is a good fit.
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