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I have a client with 3 GMB properties. Property A is the owner of Property B and Property C (umbrella company). This arrangement is recent and Property B is long established. Niches are different.

Client wants to consolidate all services to a single website/company (Property A). The website isn't a problem with redirects etc. But GMB, what to do?

Do I mark Property B and Property C as permanently closed and add all services to Property A? Is there any way to redirect traffic? Thank you for any advice you can offer.

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Keep all the GMBs. If there is a change with the business name update that. Link to the main site on all GMBs. Doesn't make sense in deleting GMBs if they are showing up in maps and getting calls.

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To me this is terribly stupid in the first place. Being specialized is better for SEO and you can still make official partnership with the other websites if the services complement each other.
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