Is there an app or software that finds easy keywords to rank for?

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Question: is there an app or software, that finds easy keywords to rank for?

For example niche in your local area.

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Honestly, outside of major cities, none of the tools out there do a great job at uncovering search volumes or search difficulty for local keywords.

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Local keywords in smaller areas will typically not show up in the tools because they won't pick them up - there's just not enough monthly searches. It's a battle - and you've really got to know the area.

The good news is those terms are also much easier to rank for as long as you haven't penalized the page or the site because there's less competition.

The best thing to do (if it's not a big city) is set up an informative services page for each niche-local area and do your best to avoid duplicating any other pages.

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As well as Ahrefs... Keywords Everywhere and Keyword Chef are worth looking at, especially for long-tail and low-hanging-fruit keywords.
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