What’s has more value a backlink from a website related to yours or a backlink from a random blog site?

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Sample my site is about trucks..

Related website talks about off roading trucks decent traffic 30k visits a month.

Random blog talks about everything on there site but has traffic 100k.

Post by Ibrar »

Backlink from related site is much better than random sites. But some of the random links from high authority sites. Like backlink from google, WordPress, Microsoft also have great value. Which increase the authority of the site. And help in organic ranking.

Post by Amit »

Backlink from niche site more valuable than a non relevent blog site.

Post by Abuzar »

Backlink which is from niche relevant site has more value than a random blog site.

You should arrange Your link building campaign in such a way to get more links from niche relevant and couple of link from general sites but those will be having good DA DR and traffic if not just focus on niche relevant!!

Post by Nathan »

The one that is related. Disregard rankings and look at it from a customer standpoint. If it gets 30k visits then you will get a slice of that pie!

In terms of ranking, you can literally use garbage links and tier them up to rank.

Post by Amit »

But in saying that, Medium may have a huge traffic but it will not trump the niche specific site with a lot less traffic...

Depending on the cost difference, I will take both if I can afford
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