Seasons sway


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leaves turn away reforming changes sway

as moments die morning is reborn adorned

beckoning fall mocking summers withdrawal

days never meant to last now pass so fast

— — — — — —

embellish vibrant colors unlike any others

fruity in leafy trees beaming up dreams

orange red and brown bouncing only down

slowly diminishing slopes lofty moping hopes

— — — — — —

chilly breezes return upon sneaky sneezes

woozy upon branches of winters splinter

awaiting snows aglow as holiday winds blow

cold noses remember frosts of bright nights

— — — — — —

when a moon shines full for a faith gone dull

evening beckons an end to begin once again

years bow to age promised reborn now stay

refashioned in the renewal next spring brings

— — — — — —
enjoy every moment
© By: Matt Elmore

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