Beyond Roads


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Come join me
risk adventure down roads
we have never traveled
just to say we did
as this world slips by
sit closer feel my gaze
set upon your image beautiful
refined fresh for memories
graze as free animals so wild
unafraid upon approach
that I may again touch you
once more as before
only today with seasoning
such crisp country breezes
unlike any you’ve ever felt
tantalizing in tingles
spicy in sass teasing
sweet in pleasure pleasing
water ripples with my need
birds sing songs of your want
melodies like kisses perfect
sensual yet magical
answering questions unasked
asking of answers laid bare
producing fruit in our fields
fulfilling deep desires of depth
unmet by past familiars
indulged intently upon
even when I’m not there
wet in maritime moments
supple clouds in purple skies
you join me in spirit
grasses waving invitations
communicating telepathy
beyond physical consent
into the merging of souls
until we know each other
better than any road

© By: Matt Elmore

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