There is a Huge Gap Between Advice and Help!

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There is a Huge Gap Between Advice and Help!

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That Gap is Bridged by the Willingness of Members of the Writers Forum.

Re: There is a Huge Gap Between Advice and Help!

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A forum is a place where people discuss ideas and themes. It is not a help desk for people who "identify" as writers. Most of us will be as helpful as we can be. However, we are here to write, not to teach. Writing is a journey of discovery and it is very difficult to do. You can take writing classes, study under a mentor, read all the right books and practice your ass off and still never write a best seller. Not only that, but there are thousands of styles, techniques used in this craft and though some of us have similar approaches, none of us do it exactly the same. Life is always your best teacher for writing- it's not something we can pass on to you, their is no exacting formula. The best way to learn is to do it and fail and then do it again. We'll help where we can, but it's really all on you.
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