How do you guys stay motivated to keep writing?

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I've felt myself falling into a slump here recently and i really hate it because i want to keep writing and feel as though the stories I'm working on have a lot of potential, but everytime i sit down to start writing its like i unconsciously go out of my way to distract myself from writing. I know I'm jot the only one who's felt like this, I'm just curious what you guys do to help combat it.

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Determination and the love of writing. Soak up all the feedback objectively and keep going. All it takes is a lots of hard work. Feedback, good or bad, keeps me motivated.. set yourself goals each day to write a thousand words.. and you'll get there.. don't give up!
JF ~

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Stay on a schedule. I used to write 9 to 5. Evenings off and weekends. However, the story never leaves your mind. The characters won't allow it

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I do character sketches of scenes from my keeps me going and focused.

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I heard somewhere that motivation alone isn't enough. You also need discipline. Plan a routine and MAKE yourself stick to it. A few days a month is fine, but if you see that the lazy spell isn't ending you force yourself to work. Eventually it will go away and you will find yourself motivated.

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Let's see, Short story for writers group, story to be read out at the festival, and a story for the writers group anthology. Keep writing I guess.

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The sequel to my first novel is being recorded for Audible chapter by chapter as I write them. There is nothing more motivating than listening to the story narrated by an amazing voice actor as you create it.

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I write plays rather than novels but then I write short plays rather than full length. If your project is long without an end in sight try a shorter project (short story, poem or blog) where the time lapse is not so long.

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Do it for the Characters! Their reality can't move forward without the writer moving it for them. They want to tell their story if only you will let them... At least that's how I stay motivated. Some days all I can think about is what my characters are doing. As soon as I figure that out, I sit down to write it. I hate keeping them in limbo for too long...

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I tend to write like mad, barely stopping for food or sleep until a first draft is finished. Then I can’t stand the agonizing prospect of revising and editing, so it sits for an equal amount of time before I start the next draft. Until I find the motivation, I make progress by getting readers and feedback.

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I seem to have seasons when writing is harder than others. I don't do well with heat and I don't have AC so I have a hard time being productive when it is hot. I still try to write. Yesterday I was only able to pull 166 words out of my hat but I did a lot of other things related to the story, like research or reading, especially about writing or I'll watch YouTube videos about writing. I still consider that writing work.

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