What do you do if a dish is on rotation at your house and your child does not like it?

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Do you continue to serve it to them even though they have tried it and hate it? 

It feels sort of mean to me to continue to put it in front of them even though they hate it.  It's like if I put chicken marsala in front of my husband knowing he hates mushrooms.

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I continue to serve it or honestly we would all be eating nuggets or plain pasta every night. I do make sure there is part of the meal every night that the fussy ones will choose to eat so they won't be hungry and they can also continue to be exposed to new foods.

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Have you tried serving your food family style (placing all the food in the center of the table and everyone dishes their own plate). Serve the dish that your child dislikes alongside something they do like. The rest of the family can still eat that dish but your child still has other options to choose from.

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I continue to put it in front of then BUT I make them something else to eat that I know they will eat. Exposure to the food helps. Don't even force to taste at first. Just let them get use to it in front of them, then smell it once they can smell it and be OK lick it once they've done that a few times (not one meal but after a few nights) then small bite. I always allow my kids to spit it out if they don't like it.

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I end up making something different for my son often because he doesn't like what I made. I just offer him something else I know he likes. Ad long as he eats, I'm happy

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I’d continue to serve a small portion of it along with 1-2 safe foods. It’s only mean if there’s no safe foods. Your husband knows himself 100% at this point. But toddlers are fickle, their likes and dislikes will keep changing, their tastes will continue to evolve. Sometimes they say yuck without even really meaning it. So keep exposing them.

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I would only serve a very small portion of what I know they don’t like and encourage them to try one bite but not harp too much. And fill the rest of the plate with food they love. My concern is fuelling anxiety around dinner time as they fear the food will be to their mind or palate disgusting, and they know that will disappoint you do they spiral behaviourally. This is what happens for my kid.

Just today after oh two years of tiny bit of boiled potato did she announce she likes it! She usually doesn’t touch it but has occasionally tried a tiny bit.
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