My picky eater only wants toast and butter for most lunches

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So what I did is got the brand "Dave's killer bread". It has 5 grams of protein in each slice so my baby is getting 10 grams of protein with lunch. It's the best I can do for this meal.

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I totally get it! My 2 year old will not eat any form of meat or poultry, has turned away from his occasional chicken nuggets. I add a little unflavored plant protein powder by Orgain to the food he will eat, also multivitamin drops by half dose so it isn’t really noticed into certain foods. He won’t even eat any vegetables except for as a veggie pouch so I get the sprout full serving of veggies ones. Ohh, the things we do for our little ones

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I haven't heard of this bread at all but just incase it is expensive/not pheasible long term, supermarket own brand, thick sliced bread has 4.2g per slice on average. I recently switched from medium to and have tried 3 brands now and all 4.2/4.3. My 2 yo is not the wiser than he's getting over a gram extra protein per slice xx

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You can only do what you can. You have food in your baby’s belly and that’s what matters. You made a great choice with health nutritional bread. Your doing great! They will get passed this picky stage(:

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I get their bagels! It's my breakfast every morning..

Not a bad start to a day at all! Great switch
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