I always put a plate in front of my daughter with at least one safe food and then I’ll put a vegetable or whatever else

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I just need some tips or advice, I always put a plate in front of my daughter with at least one safe food and then I’ll put a vegetable or whatever else. I don’t expect her to eat it, just want exposure.

But most the time, she doesn’t even want it on her play even though it’s one of those ones that have the compartments so the food isn’t touching. And I tell her she doesn’t have to eat it.

Anything that’s worked for anybody else?

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Try serving food in the middle of the table and let her put what she wants on her own plate. Seeing food they don’t want on their plate may feel like pressure to children and this affects their curiosity and desire to explore. Family of buffet style removes this problem and gives kids space to learn about food at a speed and manner that works for them. More in the free Guides in the group!

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Following because same. We finally got her to stop frisbeeing her plate across the room if there was something she didn’t want, but she will pick it up and hand it to me. If I ask her to leave it on her plate (no pressure to eat) she will freak out and start screaming and throwing everything so I just take what she hands me now, but I’d love for her to just leave things on her plate when we start going to eat at friend’s houses someday!

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Maybe try the muffin pan as a serving tray, mix it up with multiple safe foods and other foods you might want her to try. That sometimes helps as muffin pans have some fun trigger in their brains, associated with fun things they like - she might try. To get some ideas i think there is a muffin tray meals or something you can check out. Hope this helps

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I did watch a thing saying that we shouldn't separate our kids food as it can cause them to have anxiety about food touching other food. My daughter won't touch unsafe foods when I put with safe food but I put the safe food generally under the other so she has to at least touch it.
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