My son is underweight.. What can I do?

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I joined this forum because I’m desperate, I don’t know if I’m looking for help, advice, or just to vent.

Since my son turned one (he’s 19 months) he’s had bad stomach issues. he is constantly constipated.

We’ve had tests done through his GI to see what’s wrong, and it quite simply is just the food he eats. He only wants snacks. He won’t eat meals, he’s underweight.

Occasionally i can get him to eat a veggie, but very rarely. he hates fruit. he hates juice. i don’t think it’s a texture issue because sometimes he will eat mushy things.

I just don’t know what to do. the pediatrician says he can’t see a food therapist because he doesn’t have texture issues.

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Both my kids had constipation issues we did mere legs for a long time but it was hard to regulate either too much or too little.. My oldest had a peanut allergy but my youngest I made these peanut butter balls full of flax seed and/or add flax seed to other food that they like worked like a charm.

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My picky eater is 10. He’s had trouble eating since he was a newborn, but of course it got much worse as a toddler.

His growth was fine so pediatrician just kept saying he’d grow out of it.

He never did and looking back I did all the wrong things and likely made things worse.

My biggest parenting regret is that I didn’t just shell out the money and take him to a feeding therapist early on.

You don’t even have to take him forever, even a few sessions would be extremely helpful in giving you a better idea of what’s going on (WHY the picky eating) and strategies to help.

When we finally took my son to a feeding therapist when he was 7 it was super helpful.

We only went a few months but it helped tons.

I don’t know your financial situation but if at all possible I’d look into doing feeding therapy on your own a few times.

And you can also get an evaluation for sensory issues (pediatric occupational therapist) usually for free from your states early start program.

Might be called something else in your state (early intervention?) but you can request a free evaluation yourself without pediatrician referral since it’s through the state and not your insurance.

Even if he ends up not qualifying for free therapy through the state, the evaluating therapist can often give you a ton of helpful advice and suggestions specific to your child’s situation.

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I feel like the statement "cant see food therapy coz there's no texture issue" needs to be thought over by another doctor. In other words a second opinion. From my experience there are food therapists who are psychiatrists and will help the kiddos with psychological aspects of picky eating. My kid has been through nutritionist and feeding therapy session and the provider team went off of her non satisfactory weight gain (her weight was not even very low on the curve but they looked at the weight gain rate). If possible please have your baby re evaluated by another team. There are help out there and I am sure you will be able to find the right team

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Our son can’t handle high histamine foods and fruit is in that category for him. Also suffers terrible constipation and I’m so frustrated. He can’t have the fruit sugar treatments as he just can’t handle fruit. 3 yr olds don’t love vegetables either.

We’re struggling this side and I’ve booked him a Dr appointment and a Natropath appointment to try figure it out.

I don’t have advice, but I’m here with you.
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