I’m so worried about my son who’s 2.5.. He will not accept trying new foods

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I feel like such a failure.. It triggers me each time I see children eating what they are given. I’m so worried about my son who’s 2.5.

We have tried feeding therapy, I’ve implemented all the strategies but he will not accept trying new foods. He is limiting his range of safe foods- he’s basically living of smoothies, yogurt (I jam pack fruit and veg in the smoothies thankfully), shapes, Nutella on toast, sweet potato chips (hit and miss) He will not eat pasta, rice or meat unless it’s maccas nuggets.

He constantly has his hands in his mouth and often says “ouch” however his molars haven’t broken through (this has been happening for well over 4 months now)

This post is really just to speak to those who I know I can relate to and feel part of a community for. It’s so hard and I feel like we have done something wrong I’m hoping it’s a phase but I feel like it’s getting worse.

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Relatable, my son is 2.5, lives off less than this… only food he asks for is chocolate, ice cream and donuts

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I understand. My daughter suddenly stopped eating solids. She tilts her head to the side when she tries to chew. I don't know what happened, if she almost choked, something hurts, or what. She just says "I will choke mama" She used to love to eat.

Lots of safe foods but was still a eater. She's had feeding therapy 2 weeks. It's expensive, and I don't see how it's going to help. We just had an X-ray of her swallowing and her throat. Hoping to hear something today. It's been 4 weeks. I've cried alone every day. I finally got myself a therapist because I'm not coping well at all. You're not alone.
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