"I'm hungry” the last thing I Wanna hear

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I'm about fed up.. "I'm hungry” the last thing I Wanna hear.

Post by Ashlee »

Bentley I’m hungry we’ll if you ate your food you wouldn’t be hungry. He always wants chips and gets mad when I tell him no something like applesauce or some fruit in the fridge

Post by Yesenia »

This is my daughter. Then I give her some of her safe foods and she throws a tantrum because she didn’t want that, she wanted snack items for lunch. It’s so overwhelming at times.

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My daughter is asking for food ALL DAY LONG.. But only the things she'll actually eat. The problem with that is that unless it's chicken nuggets or fries, NOTHING she eats is actually a meal type of food. It's all snacky stuff.. I'm like, if you'd just eat a meal you wouldn't be hungry all day long

Post by Zoe »

So frustrating isn't it? They get bored of eating tye same thing over again but refuse to try anything new. So tiresome.
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