I wish my child ate pinwheels and wraps and school lunch like others

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I'm feeling really defeated and depressed right now. My son is 6 and on the spectrum. He has his safe foods and school lunch is very difficult, to make sure he's happy with it and eats. He will not get from the cafeteria so I have only a few different things I can pack him and today he wanted entenmanns little bites, blueberry mini muffins as his "meal" I packed them with goldfish crackers and a yogurt pouch with his drink.

He came home and told me the lunch aide was trying to get him to get something from the cafeteria because she kept insisting his lunch was a "snack".

Now, don't get me wrong, I know what it seems like to others, but I'd rather my picky eater, eat anything, than go 7 hours with nothing and wasted food.

Sorry just had to vent here. I'm feeling quite sad and embarrassed tbh.

I wish my child ate pinwheels and wraps and school lunch like others, however that's not how it is for us (right now) I'm trying not to beat myself up about it, but the fact that someone said something to him makes me feel so bad!

And note, he said he ate everything and it was "delish"..

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For a long time we had a note taped to the inside of our PE lunchbox to the effect of “I’m a sensory eater. This is my lunch and all I can manage at the moment. Thanks for helping me”.

His regular teacher was across all his needs but not so other teachers. The note helped to stop the ‘helpful’ heathy eating comments from the irregular/relief teachers and he didn’t need to explain.

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Do NOT feel bad! My son is the same and I make sure to let teachers know his food issues.

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Don't feel bad hun. As long as he's happy and getting the nutrients he needs that's great. My 2 year old daughter has about 5 things she eat. She's starting kindergarten Monday and I had a very long talk with the principal to let them know she'll be bringing her lunch n dint be alarm if you see pancakes for lunch

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When my son asked for ice cream yesterday they told him he has no money in his account. He was sad but the money is there. I don’t get how they play mind games with the kids. That’s why I packed him a lunch coz he was probably embarrassed and might not go up to the line again.
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