My daughter is in Kindergarten and we pack a lunch almost everyday

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Help! My daughter is in Kindergarten and we pack a lunch almost everyday. She literally has like 5 safe foods, all of them being warm besides peanut butter. We got a letter today that we can no longer send peanut butter due to a peanut allergy in the class!

She won’t eat warm safe foods once they get cold. Is there a way to keep the food warm that I’m not figuring out?

And is there and alternative to peanut butter that will taste similar?

I don’t have a ton of money to throw at a bunch of things she won’t eat so any leads are so much appreciated! Thank you for reading!

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My daughter will not eat any pb substitute, even biscoff butter made out of biscoff cookies.

I don't know about keeping foods warm. I just stick to triscuits, crackers, chips, and dried fruit then warm food for dinner.

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Thermos is my suggestion as well. Also, my son likes almond butter that I make (I’m not willing to spend a ton of money on prepackaged ones). I buy almonds in bulk, roast them in the oven and blend it in nutribullet with some light olive oil. May worth a try.

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Wouldn’t your child have a right to equality. If that child allergic sit them away and wash after eating. Just because another child is allergic doesn’t mean your child has to go hungry.

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I have the same problem! I tried the thermo and it didn't stay warm enough for my child's liking. I now just pack "snacks" in his lunch. I let the school know we practice nutrition at home but his lunch at school with consist of what he will eat that will fill his belly until he gets home . We pack plain croissants, crackers, little bites, gronala bars, or yogurt.

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Have you tried boiling water poured in a thermos for 10 minutes and then dumping it and putting in the hot food?
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