Can anxiety cause vomiting in toddlers?

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Hello moms. My 2.5 year old has just joined preschool and essentially vomits out her breakfast every morning out of anxiety and crying in class.

Any suggestions on what food she could keep down or how to help her with the journey.

I'm considering just pulling her out and sending her next year.


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My son didn’t eat anything at his old preschool due to anxiety . He would cry all day !!! Not joking

He lasted one month and a half there and I pulled him out.

The class was to crowded and he wasn’t getting enough attention. He wasn’t feeling safe…

At new preschool, the class size is very small and teacher knows about his anxiety.

He receives more attention and one on one . He doesn’t cry anymore. He is excited about his school . He is a very picky eater and he doesn’t eat much.

Now he feels safe at school and he is able to eat few small snacks.

You don’t need to think of the food now, find a way to help her feel safe.. Good luck

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help her find a skillful person to address anxiety, this isn't about changing breakfast foods, it's about helping her realize she is safe

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Moving her breakfast as far away from drop off will help. How often does she go to preschool? Is it every day? If so she’ll get used to the new routine soon.
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