My 4 year old is refusing any and all food for 3 days now

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So my 4 year old is refusing any and all food for 3 days now. She has made herself sick by not eating and can't keep anything down now.

I managed to get her to drink some water and force a yogurt... She screams and cries at the sight of food.not sure where to go from here she is down 1.5 lbs.

NOTE: she dosen't have the stomich flu.

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This doesn't sound like a picky eating issue (although I can entirely see why it would be the first thought).. 3 days of no food isn't long enough for her stomach to shrink to the point where it won't accept food.

She sounds like she's in great distress and the not drinking and lethargy is very worrying. I would definitely go see the ER, especially as your Dr sounds rubbish (I think most people on this forum can agree that the line "no kid ever starved themselves" is complete tosh!) Good luck! And let us know how things go..

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This was my 3 year old last week. Took him to the ER for IV fluids. He had Covid. I would definitely take her into either an urgent care that can administer an IV or the ER.

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Has she not been drinking at all?

Get her to urgent care or ER right away. If she’s not drinking she’s at risk of dehydration. Dehydration causes sleepiness/lethargy.

We learned this the hard way with my eldest. An advice nurse had us take her in to urgent just in case because she was so sleepy. Ended up holding her down for an IV to hydrate her and we were told we were lucky we hadn’t waited longer.

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You absolutely need to take her to the doctor or the ER right away. She could have a bowel obstruction or something serious going on.
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