Was there anything that worked for your kids during covid?

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My 16 month old is towards the end of her experience with Covid, but I think her taste has been effected. Her previous safe foods are out the window and I'm at a loss for what to feed her!

She is clearly hungry and will put food in her mouth but then spit it out and become really upset saying she's done.

I'm terrified of her developing a food aversion! Was there anything that worked for your kids during Covid? Smoothies have been a fail.

Typically I can count on crunchy, salty foods but I'm nervous about salt since we have been concerned about her hydration.


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Thankfully my daughter didn’t get food aversions from C, but I did!! Even burgers which is one of my favorites tasted absolutely disgusting for about 2 weeks and it took over a month before everything got back to normal..

Can you try Gatorade? Or apple juice? I was able to stomach apple juice the best vs water I could barely get 1 swallow in.
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